Paedo-theologians (or Paedosex-theologians) are those religious academics and clergy advocating that young children should be sexualised by the state, in state run schools, encouraging them to experiment and chose a gender, and be trained up, by the state, as to how that gender behaves.

Paedo-theologians have campaigned for the normalisation of homosexuality knowing that the next step is to normalise their sexual bahaviour for children.

The Paedo-theologian’s consider that their desire to sexualise children follows naturally from the normalisation of the GLBTQi+ spectrum within the wider church community. They seek to identify potential futures members of their sexually orientated communities earlier in their lives to enable them to practice their new sexual behaviours without discrimination. This would enable them to further flourish in their lifestyle choice when they grow older.

The normalisation of the GLBTQi+ community throughout all New Zealand churches has been demonstrated by the teaching of the Catholic Institute of Theology, the legitimacy of which was tested in the Human Rights Commission trial of the Anglican Church in 2013, and the resulting Motion 30 which has split the church of New Zealand.

The theology of Paedo-theologians follows broadly the Theology of a paedophile.

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