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Religious academics KNOW they target Children with the LGBT message!

From the Church of England’s refusal to discipline William Yate when he was banished from Northland almost two centuries ago, until today, the churches have long been responsible for covering up those abusing children here in NZ. These same religious leaders are now openly targeting the sexualisation of Children into special communities with the LGBTQI++etc… Continue reading Religious academics KNOW they target Children with the LGBT message!

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Making Milo: A recipe for Abuse.

Making Milo: A recipe for Abuse. Ingredients: 1 Catholic priest, 1 young boy, 1 parish congregation, 1 Catholic Bishop, Method: Mix: 1x Catholic priest and the 1x young boy by leaving them alone together, in privacy. Cover: with a parish congregation who ignore the homosexual priest in their midst thinking it will harm the church… Continue reading Making Milo: A recipe for Abuse.

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Paedo-theologians (or Paedosex-theologians) are those religious academics and clergy advocating that young children should be sexualised by the state, in state run schools, encouraging them to experiment and chose a gender, and be trained up, by the state, as to how that gender behaves. Paedo-theologians have campaigned for the normalisation of homosexuality knowing that the next step is to… Continue reading Paedo-theologians

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Priest Sex Abuse Is All About Homosexuality

I have realised that I am not the only one to come to the conclusion that I have after 5 years of theological Education here in New Zealand. The issues are the same all over the world. This article below was written in 2015, and matches my observations while I was volunteering in the child sex wings at Auckland Prison, in that most of the resident inmates of these programmes were bisexual or homosexual. And they know their scriptural justifications for their sexual preference (see the section: Theology of a Paedophile).

One of the biggest lies of the sex abuse scandal is that “pedophile priests” were the culprits

The homosexual subculture has always involved sexual attraction to youths, and is a well-accepted part of the gay lifestyle. (The term “twink” denotes an adolescent sex partner, a common occurrence among active homosexuals.) And evidence shows homosexuals abuse children at far higher rates than heterosexuals. According to one study, “homosexual men molest boys at rates grossly disproportionate to the rates at which heterosexual men molest girls.” This bears out: Although homosexuals comprise only 1–3 percent of the entire population, they are committing up to 33 percent of all sex crimes against children. 
Priest Sex Abuse Is All About Homosexuality

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Loosing our Religion? or is it being stolen from us?

It’s now common knowledge, and has been for some time, that Christianity is on the decline in New Zealand. But why? In a recent article, Losing our religion: Kiwis losing the faith in record numbers, Professor Peter Lineham attributes the loss to a diminishing middle class society. So what’s behind the decline? Massey University professor Peter Lineham… Continue reading Loosing our Religion? or is it being stolen from us?