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Paedo-theologians (or Paedosex-theologians) are those religious academics and clergy advocating that young children should be sexualised by the state, in state run schools, encouraging them to experiment and chose a gender, and be trained up, by the state, as to how that gender behaves. Paedo-theologians have campaigned for the normalisation of homosexuality knowing that the next step is to… Continue reading Paedo-theologians

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Loosing our Religion? or is it being stolen from us?

It’s now common knowledge, and has been for some time, that Christianity is on the decline in New Zealand. But why? In a recent article, Losing our religion: Kiwis losing the faith in record numbers, Professor Peter Lineham attributes the loss to a diminishing middle class society. So what’s behind the decline? Massey University professor Peter Lineham… Continue reading Loosing our Religion? or is it being stolen from us?

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Rape Culture = feminist fantasy

It will be a contention of this site that the Western Rape Culture that feminist academics commonly claim that Western society men have created is instead simply an academic creation of their own sexual/ hormonal fantasy. It is not professed that all women have this fantasy, and it should be noted that in the latest… Continue reading Rape Culture = feminist fantasy